Saturday, 8 October 2011

A Word To Words

Words speak truth, words tell lies
Words can bind us in timeless ties

Words tell stories ,words are songs
Words are teachings of right and wrongs

Words are sympathies, words are sighs
Words dig deep and words climb high

Words, which hurt; words  which heal
Words which start and close our deals

Words bring smiles, words bring tears
Words bring guilt and words bring fears

Words surrender, words submit
Words rebel and words conflict

Words are knowledge, words are wisdom
Words are kings of unseen kingdom

Words are evil, words are holy
Words are sins and words are follies

Words are promises, words betray
Words we jiggle, with words we play

Words are heart ,our mind , our soul
Words are mysteries, tales untold

Words are treated, words are dealt
Words are heard and words are felt

Words are words, unless they mean
Words mean a lot if conscious is clean


Dedicated to the meanings of words

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