Sunday, 30 October 2011

Life is nothing...

Life is nothing
but a never ending quest

Sometimes it isn’t easy
To pass every test

Our job is only
To try our best

To seek what’s worthy
Not weary the lest

The mind is like tree
Where thoughts nest

The heart is a ground
With wishes fests

Failures are the trials
Success is the blest

Problems never end
Go East or West

It’s hard to accept and
It’s easy  to protest

The thing that matter
is the soul at rest

Tears are the residents
Smiles are the guests

So celebrate the sadness
With the same zest!!!


Shackles Of Time

Under the broken shackles of time..
The unspoken truths and unknown mysteries… 

Rising every morning..
Through the melancholic mist of the bronze light..
Penetrating ..the aura of the divine silence..
Glaring the vision of all narrow perspectives.. 

In the rising day..
After thousands of nights..
Ready to soar into the gentle breeze,,
Like freshly shed down feather .. 

With the approach of cozy evening…
Nesting in the dark silhouettes of whispering trees…
Catching upon the million stars..
Awakening with their upheld, welcoming branches.. 

Ready to sleep..
In the motherly lap of night..
Studded with billion moons…
Over the heavens of skies.. 

Showering the rains of phantoms..
Over the rainbows ..of countless prisms..
With paranormal perceptions.. 

Radiating the gleam of assertion..
Defying every spoken lie ..
And unfelt sensation…
Setting free the intimacy..
And un breakable..


To Time...

Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Rainy (Haiku)

                                 .....Painted tainted trees....
                              .....Under the cloudy canvas..... 
                                  .....On puddled palettes....


.To Autumn Rainy

Life (Haiku)


                                 "Come out of the dark"
                               "Life is to face the light, too
                                     Nature says Quietly


To Spirituality

Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Khalil Gibran

With the untouched elegance of peacock’s quill….
he delicately picks his twinkling thoughts …
and spread them on the purity of white sheet …
with the clarity of an invisible ink …
that carries the subtle touch of somber hues…
perfectly blended with the joy and melancholy…
like expert brush strokes….

so that all the vivacious truths of life...
take off their worn masks ….
begin facing the sun, naked…
and basking in the dazzling glory of the sunshine…
besides the rhythmic sounds of the seashore….
where children play merrily...
building castles from the grains of sand …
where lovers sing the enchanting melodies....
of grace and beauty…

when the wind blows…
and whistle sweet tunes of contentment…
they start floating with the smoothness of mystic clouds….
like the dancing music notes…..

when the rain pours…
they pour down like raindrops....
on the yearning leaves …
and the petals of flowers of love harmony and friendship…
and get absorbed by the bosom of mother earth…
like the eternal trust of humanity …
yielding the fragrance of divinity…
and serenity... 


Dedicated to Khalil Gibran

Thursday, 13 October 2011

Adam & Eve

Once dwelling in the heaven
Of their subconscious
Like the naked truth
Raised from the dust
In the image of each other
In the timeless companionship
Of the perfect soul mates!
Misled by the desire
To touch and fulfill
Got trapped in the wicked lie
Became conscious
That they were ‘bodies’
And the‘heaven’
Wasn’t ‘heaven!!!


Dedicated to The Creation of Humans

[2:35] We said, "O Adam, live with your wife in Paradise, and eat therefrom generously, as you please, but do not approach this tree, lest you sin."

Don't Touch It!

Don’t touch it…it ‘s sacred…it’s holy…it’s not to be touched…so don’t touch it…your touch is not sacred…your touch is not holy…it’s unclean…it’s dirty…so clean your touch…wash it…if you want to touch it…but wait…don’t touch it..for if you’ll touch it you might want to open it…!

Don’t open it…it’s magic …it’s mystery….you don’t know magic…you don’t know mystery…it’s a trap…you don’t want to be trapped…so don’t open it…for if you’ll open it…you might want to read it…!

Don’t read it…it’s truth…it’s real …it opens the heart…it baffles the mind…it agitates the soul…you don’t want to know it…so don’t read it…for if you’ll read it you might want to understand it…!

Don’t try to understand it…’s pain…it’s death and you don’t want to suffer…you don’t want to die…so don’t try to understand it…for ,if you’ll understand it…you might want to follow it….!

Don’t follow it…it guides…it tries too…but don’t you follow it..not because you can’t follow it…never…and not because you’re too excited that it might guide you…but…because you are too scared to become lost!

So…don’t touch it …didn’t I tell you…..!


Dedication Unknown

Don't Break The Spell

Let me meditate…
Let me sedate…
Let me fly into my deepest thoughts…
Let me recollect what I’ve sought….
Let my effigy sink deep…down…
Let my being be completely drowned…
Let me feel the joy of solitude…
Let me endure the pain of gratitude…
Let me be free ,once more of my cage..
Let me be indifferent to every rage…
Let me forget all shades of sorrow…
Let me forget all worries of tomorrow…
Let me smile for a while in my tears…
Let me exile all guilts ,all fears…
Let me revive my losses my gains
Let me survive through shackles and chains…
Let me forget all truths, all lies…
Let me, be out of all my ties…
Let me be a whole…a sole…
No body, no mind…no heart... but soul…
Let the peace surround  myself!
Let myself…be by myself!
Let me be lost in my own shell…
For here I flourish, for here I dwell..
Do not teach...
Do not preach...
Who longs for heaven!
Who cares for hell!
Just don’t break the spell…


Dedicated to thinking and meditating

Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Heart Was Mystic!

The Heart was Mystic…
It never had a Clue..

The Palette was Loaded
With ..Invisible Hues..

How White radiated
Out of …the Blue..

Tangent was Perspective
Abstract was the View...

All seemed very Same
Checked False.. orTrue...

Humans are Accused
Humanity ...Sues…

The Ship was Strange
Stranger.. was the Crew..

Knocked... so many
Entered.. only Few…

All had ...Ingredients
Not a Recipe to Brew...

The Story was a Legend
The Title ...was.. New.... 

The Heart was Mystic…
It never had a Clue.. 


Dedicated to Heart


Dreams of a person , others can never know
It’s not  a scholastic riddle ,of ‘Tell n Show’

The dreams of s person, are the dreams of life
To take things granted ,or to try to strive

Of something that can, bring peace to the soul
Not something, flaring with the deal of goals

Our lives are nothing, without sharing and giving
Of finding any reasons, or purpose of living

Our family and friends, are part of our selves
They aren’t like books ,left unread ,on shelves

The dream of happiness are the dreams of divine
Wishing others happiness. is a hope that shines

Dreams have many colors, many forms many shapes
Seeing them as real and  believing in, it  takes

People who dreamed and achieved what they sought
Are real inspirations, for  who died , yet fought

To see the light and darkness, one has to have a vision
Cherishing all the shades of the life is obligation

I pray for everyone for their dreams come true
They cherish and enjoy all the beauty ,all the hues


Dedicated to Dreams

Monday, 10 October 2011

A War Child

I woke up every other day,
with my heart full of fear!

My meek self was burdened,
with what I could not bear!

I led a life in homeland,
with death to me, so  near!

I greeted all the victors,
with my eyes full of tears!


Dedicated to the child victims of wars


A Teacher is not the one, who knows how to teach...
A Teacher is the one who knows, how we can be reached!

He has to know himself ,before, he makes us understand
He tells us how to fly , also, he tells us where to land….!

His presence... like a flame …become an inspiration....
His absence like a spirit …becomes a deep perception

He is an Artist, a Builder and a Soldier without the sword
Every thing he does , do means, like every delivered word!

I’m obliged to everyone who turned me into a Searcher...
I always am their student, still, had never felt like a Teacher!

They all still live in my heart, they can never be far..
God bless them always, wherever…. all they are…!!!!


To my respected Teachers

A Call...

I traveled near, and near-by, I traveled away and far
I traveled by so many doors ,closed, opened ajar!

With the vision in my eyes and passions in my heart
Pulling up my fragments ,always falling apart!

Richness of wealth ,I saw, poverty of faith
Submerged ‘way of life’ in the articles of faith!

Burden of the rituals , Delusions of beliefs
I saw some robes of holiness , worn by the thieves!

Earning through the business of selling religion cheap
Floating over superficially on an ocean very deep!

Dividing earth and sky dividing life and space
Dividing flesh and blood, dividing color and race!

Then hoping for the unity and hoping for the peace
Breaking every glass first, then crushing every piece!

Opposing every call of harmony and friendship
Ignoring every news of suffering and hardship!

How passive is society… how massive is the sin
How loser ,every player is, when striving not to win!

How scattered like the objects are all men and women
How crowded is the world though how lonely is the human!


Dedicated to Humanity!

Sunday, 9 October 2011


Cruelty , Injustice ,…......screaming aloud !

Visions of wisdom masked with the clouds!

The Poor, the Helpless banging the doors!

Authorities unreachable,...Justice unsure!

Humanity is suffering ,. humanity’s crying !

Humans are killing …, ...humans are dying!

The falcons in sky,.... and vulture’s on Earth!

Flooded with tears ,... frightened with mirth!

The Saviors’r missing, …....Dajjals are bold!

A Sign board says , CONSCIENCE was "SOLD"!




Around a CUBE , circling around,
Watching the steps on the sacred grounds!
Wrapped in the fantasies,
Of prophetic fallacies!
Mesmerizing echo of divine whispers,
Shadows of fireflies like disappearing shimmers!

The worship of the only ONE!

The search of the unknown!!!

The erected SATAN with the sky-high esteems,

Being stoned heretically, wretched and obscene!
The struggle between the two SPOTS,
with an unsure feelings; and gains, being lost!

The rituals to follow,

With the souls so hollow!

Her feet stumbles and she slumps, where rests the BLACK STONE,

Half left like a widow, half kissed away and gone!

Why this worship?

When "I" is the center!
Why keeping doors?
When no one else has to enter!

A door leading inside the angular perspectives,

Where the beheaded silhouettes stand still and secretive!
The range of strength, the size,
The battle of Truth and lies!
The dark secrets of discontented souls,
Adoring the purposes, worshiping the goals!
The mighty ego loaded with an AXE,
The blind faith ;love, that lacks!

The clusters of Idols existing, still,

Slaughtering the humans and their free will!


Dedicated to ONE against the many Idols of Ego…“I”

Under Timeless Tree

Sitting in the shade of an evergreen tree.
My soul hovering over, all around so free.

The lightness, the freedom, the purity of thoughts.
No wonder what wonders, of past, it has brought.

Remembering the people, remembering their ways.
Remembering the friendship, remembering the plays.

Remembering  the thrills, remembering the places.
Remembering the smiles, remembering the faces.

Remembering the careless, thoughtless creeds.
Remembering the sharing, responsible deeds.

Remembering the fun, remembering the fights.
Remembering the foolishness, remembering the frights.

Remembering the laughter, remembering the tears.
Remembering the songs, and remembering the fears.

When sitting in the shade of this timeless tree!
With my body so light, and my soul so free!

I can still feel the brightness and warmth of those rays!
And cherish the sunshine of our golden days!


Dedicated to my Brothers!

By the Graveyard!

I am standing by the graveyard with my heavy heart,
And I wonder,..... which way should I take the start!

My eyes are wandering in all directions to find,

My precious lost treasure, truly, one of it's kind!

Since all lumps of soil are looking just the same,

I can't recognize them, until I read their names!

What a pity my Lord! how could I leave them there!

I need to see them..... forever, to love, and care!

I know nothing would happen, no mater how hard I try,

My tears are just worthless, no matter how loud I cry!

When I lean forward and take some soil in my hands,

And try to feel their touch from that far away land!

Only then I hear a loud whisper into my deafening ears,

Be hold! you're doing nothing but wasting your tears!

You already have them in yourself,as your part, forever,

In your soul,your body,in the teachings and the manners!

Go and find them in yourself and then take care and obey,

Do the good that they taught you if you want them to stay!

They availed their chances to do, to listen, and say,

Now you play your part, remembering them, and... pray!


Dedicate to the my Departed Parents!


Time . . .

Time, ...that strikes like a clicking of a clock,

Time, ....that directs, every bird in the flock!

Time,. that’s revolving, round, like the Earth,

Time, that ‘s happenings, of death and birth!

Time ,that we suffers,…. Time, that...... heals,

Time ,that's counting every morsel of our meal!

Time ,that surrounds us, in every single thing,

Time ,that bounds us,... inside our very being!

Time, that is flowing inside us,.. like a stream,

Time, that is haunting our minds like a dream!

Time, on which ,we can never gain control,

Time is ,  ..the success/failure of our goals!

Time that , blesses,.. Time,... that takes away,

Time that gets stuck,.. Time,........ that sways!

Time that,...... swings, between two extremes,

Time ,that's ecstasy, with which, our soul beams!

Time, that is nothing but the relevancy of span,

Time, that is everything that is given to the Man!

Time, that from which , we can never run away,

Time that, isn’t Future,nor Past,.......but Today!


Dedicated to Time! 



Truth is the light,... which  even a blind can see,
Truth is neither an illusion nor a mirage of a sea!

Truth is a reality ,.... it's only a proven fact,
Truth is not a magic, a trick , or any clever act!

Truth is the beauty , could be seen by the heart,
Truth is not a game that is played with the darts!

Truth is a blessing , a guidance from our mighty Lord,
Truth is the justice ; brings soul & mind in accord!

Truth is a power that becomes the confidence of a meek,
Truth is not a conqueror,.who  always  defeats the weak !

Truth is a gift, you like to share with your friend,
Truth is not a weapon,. to put your foe to an end!

Truth is the intelligence working  behind every creation,
Truth is not a superstitious tale , or fictitious animation!

Truth is a bride, a character, the pride of a  human,
Truth is not a whore that sleeps with every other man!

Truth is the dream, that comes true, before your eyes,
Truth is not a lie,which is wrapped within thousand lies!

Truth is  a belief, that shines all through your way,
Truth is not a myth, that will once ,lead you astray!


Truth is a  sincere prayer that sets Adam free of  sins,
Truth is not the Satan who always thinks that he can win!

Truth is what the Ibrahim once longed from the Sire ,
Truth is not what might  have been burnt in the fire!

Truth is like the wisdom with which the David ruled,
Truth is not the treasure for which hunters are fooled!

Truth is like li'le Musa who escaped the Pharaoh's will,
Truth is not any worldly order to let an innocent  kill!

Truth is the humbleness,  which hangs Jesus on a cross,
Truth is not the prejudice that ends up in a total loss!

Truth is like the pardon, that Meccans once received,
Truth is not those stones once caused Muhammad bleed!

Truth is a search in which, a prince like Buddha exiles,
Truth is not the temptation that imprisons us in  viles!

Truth is the ever lasting kingdom of humanity on earth,
Truth is not the civilizations perished by the Lord's wrath!


Truth is that honesty with which we try and find,
Truth is not the ego that always haunts our minds!

Truth is that Truth,which is the Truth of it's time,
Truth is not to wait for it,until it's End of Times!


Dedicated to all the Truth-seekers!


I always dreamed about their future,
like a mother should,
I wanted them to be happy,
feel safe, and flourish!

I always did best for them,
like a mother would,
to make them happy,
to protect, and nourish!

They say I worry too much,
and it always makes me scream,
but , why the nightmares only,
wake me up, in the middle of my dream!

And my vision's Green Light, turns blood-red,
as, always, Peace is shaken by wars,
leaving behind my empty, scared face,
full of malice, bruises, and  scars!

Dedicated to Mother Earth

God Is Love

Is God love, as the Scripture says
Isn't then love ,His only way!

Then why this world is full of pain

Why dry air has no sign of rain!

Why then people hate each other?

Kill with their hands,their own brothers!

Why God let this flow of blood?

Why the Green has turned so Red!

Why the greed of man takes heed?

Why they keep,more than they need!

Why the Unjust always win?

God says on Justice ,this Universe spins!

Why the hearts are scared to love?

Shun to hug,and like to shove!

Names and boxes, Tags and frames.

The Divine is lost in worldly games!

Who has spoiled the child of God?

Pampering him by sparing the rod!

He says 'nay' when suppose to nod,

That God is Love then Love is God!


Dedicated to Love

The Statue's Tears

A news, so astonishing, the unbelieving ears!
How could so,no mortal had ever been so near!

My piety, confusion, an overwhelming fear!
His glory, His hands, to comfort a very dear!

A strength , an assurance, a burden to bear!
Humility, exhaustion, piercing like a spear!

People with prejudice , no eyes and no ears!
Suffering to motherhood, suffering to rear!

Torture, at that time, with no regrets I bore!
Torture, today, shed my tears some more!

Virginity, my honour, my pride,and my shame!
In your hands , today,is molested like a game!


Dedicated to Holy MARY...(Hazrat Maryam pbuh) 

[3:42] The angels said, "O Mary, GOD has chosen you and purified you. He has chosen you from all the women.
[3:43] "O Mary, you shall submit to your Lord, and prostrate and bow down with those who bow down."

The Innocent

I was a miracle  happened, for those who were hungry for the miracles.
I was a message of  submission and salvation , for the arrogant people!

I cast the pearls before them, but they squandered them like swine.
I healed their  bodies and souls while they were planning to hurt mine! 

I was, an innocent, saved from the disbelievers by my sovereign Lord.
I am that innocent, still hanged on believer's cross as their helpless God!


Dedicated to The CHRIST, The Messiah (Hazrat Isah pbuh) 

[3:55] Remember the time when ALLAH said' `O Jesus, I will cause thee to die a natural death and will raise thee to Myself, and will clear thee of the charges of those who disbelieve, and will exalt those who follow thee above those who disbelieve, until the Day of Resurrection; then to ME shall be your return, and I will judge between you concerning that wherein you differ.

Saturday, 8 October 2011


Silence is wordless….but silence says it all,
Silence is a listener ……….to our inner call!

Silence is serenity,.... silence is so pure,
Silence is a surety , but silent is obscure!

Silence is a practice to keep our self calm,
Silence is a safety …from any outer harm!

Silence gives meanings to our random thoughts,
Silence is a subtle net …in which evil is caught!

Silence is meditative, in silence we create,
Silence is secretive, in silence we relate !

Silence is the wisdom in silence there is peace,
Silence is a tool… that straightens every crease!

Silence is an amenity, silence is a smile,
Silence is invisible….. but silence is agile !

Sience is suspicious, silence is salute,
Silence is rebellious and silence is tribute!

Silence is a fasting , silence is a trail,
Silence is accepting and silence is denial!

Silence is a garment to our naked souls,
Silence is a protest , likely to play it’s role!

Silence is observance… Silence is a prayer,
Silence is a best gift if nothing else to share!

Silence is prophetic ,... Silence is no fraud,
Silence is aesthetic , silence there’s God!


Dedicated to Silence

A Word To Words

Words speak truth, words tell lies
Words can bind us in timeless ties

Words tell stories ,words are songs
Words are teachings of right and wrongs

Words are sympathies, words are sighs
Words dig deep and words climb high

Words, which hurt; words  which heal
Words which start and close our deals

Words bring smiles, words bring tears
Words bring guilt and words bring fears

Words surrender, words submit
Words rebel and words conflict

Words are knowledge, words are wisdom
Words are kings of unseen kingdom

Words are evil, words are holy
Words are sins and words are follies

Words are promises, words betray
Words we jiggle, with words we play

Words are heart ,our mind , our soul
Words are mysteries, tales untold

Words are treated, words are dealt
Words are heard and words are felt

Words are words, unless they mean
Words mean a lot if conscious is clean


Dedicated to the meanings of words

Friday, 7 October 2011

Time Zone

What is time..
What is zone….

I could never understand completely what time is …
Can you define it for me…

Are we all living in the same age?
Can our age tell us how much time our body had lived?

Every now and then we need to know what the time is…
Our watches and clocks have hands of seconds , minutes and hours…
Hands keep traveling in a circle …a cycle of eternity…
Yet the second can’t catch the minute and the minute can't catch the hour…

What does an hour mean?
What are signs?

Some watches are digital.
They show the successive replacement of digits ,…numbers…
As if they all are competing with each replace one another…
The replacement brings change …
Does change mean anything, if we can’t change ourselves…
Illusions ..delusions…each following the other….

We are lost...
We are lost......
We are lost..........ha!

Can we ever 'find' ourselves.....

Time marks many events of the history..
But can time change the history…

People says , history repeats itself…
I say no..people repeat there mistakes…
We are not perfect…yet we pretend..we are…

We pretend we love each other…
Don’t we…
Humans laugh at history…
History laughs at humans…

They can’t change the history…
Neither history can change them…

Who will change us…
God says He does not help who can’t help themselves…

Can we help each other..
To make a difference….
To bring a positive change in each other's lives…
Can we love each other…
Can we respect each other..
Despite of our differences….

Can we save each other….
Can we save this world......

Can we…

It doesn’t seem possible..
Does it…
How can it be possible…
When you are not thinking…
What I’m thinking…
Right now…
Just right now….

We can’t think the same way…
We start living..
In the same ..Time Zone…

Is it possible..
Is it possible..
Is it possible…


Dedicated to Possibilities

The Higher Self

The Higher Self resides in our own selves...

Occupying the throne of unclaimable dynasty...

It enveloped the sky of our earthly existance...

Like a cloud impregnated with countless raindrops...

We don't need any effort to reach out there...

And squeeze the rain out of it...

What we really need is ...

To sow...

The dormant seed of our true selves...

In the heart of our earthly ether...

And let it sprout...

On its own...

And let it grow...

Like a plant facing Sun...

Higher and higher...

And higher...

And let it long for the Rain...

It will rain...

And the Higher Self ...

Will be conquered ...

By the Humbled Self!


Dedicated to Humble Self 

Kindle Thy Heart

She kindled a candle of LOVE,

…with the GLORY of the LORD!

She placed it inside the darkest chamber inside her heart…

It took all the HATRED , away and brightened,

the gloomy night of her soul like ,

..a gleaming day!

And every corner got filled with His GLORY,

..and turned her heart into a blazing flame!

And the TRUTH of His LOVE turned,

…her being into a perfumed candle, itself ! that everyone in touch…
...picked it…

….and the extinguished wicks of ,

...the candles in their hands …

….kindled up!


Dedicated to THE DIVINE LOVE!


Love is a blessed drop..

Which drops down..

From the sacred Heavens…above…

To reach....

the Earth…


A puddle of muddy water..

Swallows it whole…


It drops over an ocean so big that it never gets counted…


it goes un-noticed on the face of bright flowers...

like the morning dew...and trickles down to a leaf beneath it

.....or get caught in a prickle, instead....

It gets trapped inside the body of an Oyster..

And the pain turns it into an exuberant pearl....

Sometimes it lands on dry branch of a solitary tree ..

And hangs down like a silent teardrop ….

It can be picked up…

by the finger tips..

by the fringe of lashes..

by dry lips…

Can be left..


so that it evaporates slowly…

and ...



..becomes the part of the Nature…

Bringing…Peace to

the Touched Souls….


Dedicated to Love

Thursday, 6 October 2011

My Husband

My husband …quite a gentleman!!!!!
So mindful of his duties...
He cares a lot about myself
And our cute and cuties...!

He tries to keep things orderly
When messed up by our hands
He is an anchor, for all of us
Where all my thoughts would land!

He is loving... and very caring
Always knows what he should do
Honest in his choices..too
To himself , very true!

He loved to play the cricket once....
He loves to watch TV…
That’s how often, he gets his break
From children and his B V (wife)

He is the one who walks with with me
In all the walks of life...
He's truly our family’s charm...
I’m lucky to be his wife! 


Dedicated to my  beloved husband

My Child

Time of your innocence was gentle, so pure!
Time of your ignorance, was subtle for sure!

Your little features opened ,my heart so wide,
I found angels of God, standing by my side!

The perfection of your body,bowed my head
To the greatest 'Artist' , I heard, I read!

You followed me quietly where ever did I go.
Like a little cute n cuddly lamb, tipping toe!

The touch of your little fingers in my palm,
Felt to me just like some Messianic balm!

You made me what I never,ever thought of.
A ‘mother’........ , a heavenly figure sort of!

Then time passed by and you grew up,
You held my fingers and ….I stood up..!

To follow a new wisdom of your own self.
Forgetting the weaknesses of my old self!

You are leading me, to a new horizon now,
Through your own style and your 'know-how'!

But watching you grow into a new person,
Is opening new pages of brand new lessons!

I cry ...I envy ha…..and I feel so proud!!!!
Sometimes I wonder, sometimes I doubt!!!

'My child! I love you more, the more I see,
Growing is the 'motherhood', and the 'mother in me'! 


Dedicated to my beloved kids


Is there a ‘horizon’ beyond what we see..........!
Is a  there ‘limit’ beyond what we flee.......!

Is there a ‘way’ beyond that we travel.........!
Is there a ‘mystery’ beyond what we marvel.......!

Is there a ‘place’ beyond where we live.........!.
Is there a ‘receiving’ beyond what we give.........!

Is there a ‘giving’ beyond what we receive......!
Is there a ‘doubt‘ beyond what we deceive.........!.

Is there a ‘voice’ beyond which we hear ..........!
Is there a ‘Peril’ beyond which we fear..........!

Is there a ‘hope’ beyond what we hope ..........!
Is there a ‘chaos’ beyond what we cope............’!

Is there a ‘lie’ beyond what we speak...........!
Is there a ‘wisdom’ beyond what we seek..........!

Is there a ‘truth’ beyond what we believe........!
Is there a ‘beauty’ beyond what we perceive.........!

Is there a ‘power’ beyond what we trust........!
Is there a ‘faith’ beyond what is a 'must'...............!

Is there a ’right’ beyond what we do..........!
Is there ‘someone beyond 'me' and 'you'...........!


Light In My Sight

There's a light in my sight!
It's very true, very bright!

A new sun will rise, soon...!
even if ,long is this night!

Just a step to begin with
is .. to reach any height!

All pain goes away with...
just a moment of delight!

All colors are beautiful...
yet the purest is...white!

With freedom,comes laws too
and some rules,loose and tight!

What-so-ever had been eaten
just be careful with last bite!

The emptiness shouts aloud !!!
While the wisdom keeps quiet!

It’s in actions or intentions
Not in vows... or in plights!

Only the lands where landed
Neither sky ...nor.. the flight!

A good word weighs more...
Than a pile of the slights!

Not in losing or in winning
It's in the courage to fight!

Only needed to be challenged
'Might'... isn't.. always... 'right' !

All delusions and ambiguities
are the tunnels of twilight!

'Peace of mind' rules forever
Not the heart's fear or fright!

There's a light in my sight!
It's very true,... very bright!


Night Asleep

Night asleep!

Awake is the moon
Wrapped in the memories
Like an unlived boon…….

Night asleep!

Awake are the stars
Shimmering and sizzling
Like unhealed scars…….

Night asleep!

Awake is the wind
Wandering, and searching
Like the broken wings….

Night asleep!

Awake are the trees
Silhouettes of sadness
Of spirits, so free…….

Night asleep!

Awake is the sky
Holding all tears
And about to cry……

Night asleep!

Awake are the clouds
Buring their thunder
Like patient shrouds …..

Night asleep!

Awake are the flowers
Yielding perfumes
Likes kisses of lovers……..

Night asleep!

Awake are the dreams
Flowing very quietly
Like secretive streams…..

Night asleep!
Awake is the fear
Seeking refuge
When no one is near…..

Night asleep!

Unaware of the creeps…
It’s snoring pitched high.....
It’s slumber is deep!

Night Asssss!!!


Vessels Of Clay

Wet and dried; Tested and tried,
Wrapped in ,an unknown dismay!

Empty and full; Noisy and dual,
Packed in, an unworthy display!

Classes to hold; Glitters nor Gold,
Metal nor, either an array!

Smelly or scented; stuffy or vented,
Jammed or slithering away!

Picked and thrown ; Hidden and shown,
Dealt like , objects, play!

Fumbled and rumbled;Jumbled and tumbled,
Felt like , gods, gone astray!

Tinted and shaded ; Glinted and faded,
Unexplainable Colors of gray! *

Formed and fashioned; Painted and polished,
 All vulnerable, Vessels Of Clay!


 Dedicated to: The Human Nature

  55:14"He created man from dry clay like earthen vessels,"

* GRAYING is referred to a Technique in Art
by which the ORIGINAL color is faded with the addition of it's COMPLIMENT to it.

Wednesday, 5 October 2011

O Child Of Today!

O ,every, little, .........CHILD of TODAY!!!!!!

From the HATRED, stay away!

To the wriggling WARS, bring the PEACE!

With your SMILE, say ............."AT EASE!!!"
Spread your HUGS,........around the globe!

Just like The WINGS of,.....JOY and, Hope!
Don't let go,....... TOMORROW'S DREAM!

When GIGGLES will, replace the screams!

You, set free,................ the encaged LOVE!

You, let fly,..................the innocent DOVE!


Dedicated to the Children of Today!

O Woman Of East!


O Woman of East!

Remember the time when you were in hands of beasts,
Remember when your body was no more than a feast!
Remember when the souls were buried with the dead,
Remember when there was no wisdom in the.. .heads!
Remember the time when the hearts were stone hard,
Remember the time when the chastity, had no guard!
Remember the time when you strangled all your sighs,
 Remember when all the tears dried out in your eyes!


Remember when SOMEONE held fast your trembling hands,
Remember from your grave, you were pulled out on the land!
Remember that you were dressed with the clothes of dignity,
Remember a veil was drawn......... over the gaze of impurity!
Remember the revolution.......that you brought into the world,
Remember how motherhood ,... shaped straight ,the curled!
Remember how you made the human out of the..... animals’
Remember how you created a society out of .........a jungle!

Now !

You prefer the death over the life you were blessed with,
You wear the clothes your were dressed with!
You left all the modest values aside ,..copying the West,
You forgot your very own self ,........ the pure,.. the best!
Go and search for the coffin you left beside your grave !
And wear that shame to be alive, if you really are brave!
Don’t forget the lessons of history ,... O woman of East!
Don’t try to make,out of yourself , a feast for the beasts!


Dedicated To The Traditions of East!



Quiet like silence

No speech ,no violence

Walks like grace

Measuring every pace

Sings like a melody

Sweet sad parody


Blooms like a flower

No weakness, but power

Surrounds like peace

Light perfumed breeze

Deep like a slumbers

With dreams full of wonders


Shines through the souls

Directs every goal

Touches like the sunshine

Neither yours nor mine

Dances like a flame

No guilt, No shame


Colorless and pure

Like patience and endure

Real, like faith

No fable, no myth

Mysterious like an ocean

Or a magical potion

A quality a sense

Of dignity and prudence


Identity, reforms

Of being and norms

A knock at the door

Of heart to explore

A waiting of an hour

For a miracle to shower

An ecstasy that rains

No loss, no gain


Protects like an embrace

No body , no face

Guides like a friend

No craze , no trend

Treats like remedy

No pain, no tragedy

Frees like freedom

No insanity, but wisdom


A rhythm a harmony

No promise , no testimony

A sorrow that elates

A joy, that sedate

A word that glows

A mirror that shows

A seed that sows

All human pros


A trust which is blind

Yet opens the mind

A death of a martyr

A life of a character


A crown that honors

Every site every corner

A prayer that blesses

No hassle no messes


A pearl , a gemstone

Exuberant , unknown

A gift from God

No commodity , no fraud


A question that answers

No learner, no preacher

A reason a passion

Original, no fashion


No urge but fulfilling

No taking, only giving


Dedicated to Divinity


The Radiance, and Emission
The Surrender; the Submission

Sporadically over the Middle
Theoretically like the Riddle

High above the Latitudes
Of Blessings and Gratitudes

In the form of Luminous Bands
Painted with Master’s Hands

The Kaleidoscopic Streamer
Philosopher …the Dreamer

The charged solar particles
Like Faith-Written Articles

Being Guided along the Earth
Many Deaths; Many Births

Magnetic Lines Of Force
A Never-Ending Discourse


Dedicated to Divine connectivity

Muhammad (S)

Muhammad like Adam was Innocent and Pure
He was a True Spirit-Of-God , for sure….

Muhammad like Noah, built an Ark of Salvation
For people of all times, true to the Religion…..

Muhammad like Abraham was Certain and Assured
He was blessed by Almighty, rescued and secured…

Muhammad like Jonah, survived in Whale
And never let the message of God go stale….

Muhammad like Lut warned the transgressors
He called upon preserving the ‘values’ for successors

Muhammad like Joseph was Handsome and Unique
He was Honest and Truthfull,called ‘Ameen’ and ‘Sadeq’

Muhammad like David was Wise and Blessed
He never let the Call of Justice , be suppressed…

Muhammad was like Moses, Mighty and Strong
He freed his people from those doing Wrongs

Muhammad like John Baptized our Souls
He encourage every body …to play a role…..

Muhammad like Jesus,was Humble and Meek
He offered Simple Truth, for anyone who seeks…

Muhammad in Quran is called the ‘Seal Of Prophets’
A Title like a Diamond ..which has many facets..

Muhammad is the "Last Of the Prophets" Allah sent
And Quran is the "Last of the Messages" Allah meant..

Muhammad is an Example for Muslims to follow
Muhammad is a Torch of True Light that glows…

Muhammad was a standard, Muhammad was Genuine
Muhammad was Divine, but Muhammad was a Human…!


Dedicated to Prophet Muhammad-The Khatamun-Nabbiyeen

Eclipsed-was my heart!

all the horizons vanished,
as the sight went blind,
.....and the darkness prevailed!
The hope surrendered,
the despair thundered,
..........and the fright trailed!
The humanity suffered,
the cruelty occurred,
............and generosity failed!
The pleas spellbound,
the gods dumbfound,
.........and the prayers unavailed!
Then, the MASTER took mercy,
and sent that LUMINARY ,
to shine on the sky of ignorant days!
I could never SEE HIM,
as always idols come in between,
and my attention goes astray!
I can't be a BELIEVER,
when my heart is ECLIPSED,
and my very own self betrays!

Dedicated to: The Beloved Prophet Muhammad (pbuh)


Admiring the beauty, the balance;
Praising the harmony, the grace!
Pondering upon, the tone, the texture;
Understanding the form, the structure!

My thoughts, range between tints and shades,
My feelings, swing from cool to warm cascades,
What is my creativity; just a boon from nature!
What is my status; just to be another creature!

Through the tangent of my vision, I see nothing,
But a variety of bizarre images, foreshortening!
A broken range of colors; a vague contours of abstraction!
A crosshatch of receding lines; vanishing into a third dimension!

But every vanishing points seems to lead a fourth dimension,
Where everything unifies in its absolute perfection!
Where there is a single hue, on the palette of THE ARTIST!
Who deserves far more than a verbal praise!
I see everything prostrating to HIM in gratitude for what it is,
Except me….......HIS so-called MASTERPIECE!


Dedicated to the Creator Almighty ; Allah ! 

 95:4 Surely We created man of the best design