Wednesday, 12 October 2011


Dreams of a person , others can never know
It’s not  a scholastic riddle ,of ‘Tell n Show’

The dreams of s person, are the dreams of life
To take things granted ,or to try to strive

Of something that can, bring peace to the soul
Not something, flaring with the deal of goals

Our lives are nothing, without sharing and giving
Of finding any reasons, or purpose of living

Our family and friends, are part of our selves
They aren’t like books ,left unread ,on shelves

The dream of happiness are the dreams of divine
Wishing others happiness. is a hope that shines

Dreams have many colors, many forms many shapes
Seeing them as real and  believing in, it  takes

People who dreamed and achieved what they sought
Are real inspirations, for  who died , yet fought

To see the light and darkness, one has to have a vision
Cherishing all the shades of the life is obligation

I pray for everyone for their dreams come true
They cherish and enjoy all the beauty ,all the hues


Dedicated to Dreams

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