Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Song Of Existence

Those were the enchanted words..
On the lips of every creation…
God created in His own image..
And blew the divine spirit…
For the eternal bondage…
So that even the dead elements became..
The parts of the constitution…
Of each other..
With in the earthly ether…
Sharing the darkness and the glory…
Just like the sadness or glee…
And when it came to existence..
Not only the tree became the flower…
And the flower became the tree…
But  also…
The sea became the earth and…
The earth became the sea…
Co-existing within each other…
All denials became the pleas..
And a part of you..
A part of me…


Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Joy Of Existence (Haiku)

                                             Eyes spilling warm tears
                                           On the cold heart of paper
                                                   Joy of existence


Monday, 28 November 2011


Distant eyes
Veiled behind
the opacity of the foggy nights….
Picking up the stars of unshed tears
Sticking them on the moonless sky of the vacant sights…

Unshed tears….
Soaking the rosy petals of blooming wishes
Sprouting on the solitary branches of dry lashes
Pricking them with the gloom of fear…

Blooming wishes….
Blended in the fragrance of wet earth….
Kneaded in the rains of mysterious hopes
Changing every heart into hearth….

Mysterious hopes…
Climbing the tall wall of earthly separations….
Reaching the heights of free wills
Painting  moons
On the heavens of sensations…


Escape (Haiku)

                                                 Crushing memories
                                        Stepping upon the dry leaves
                                                  Escaping the past



Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Rainy 2

                                               Painted ,tainted  trees
                                           Erected like giant brushes
                            Daubing  rain on the cloudy canvas of the sky

                                          Muddled, puddled , palettes
                                         Swooping falling raindrops
                            Spreading them like smiles on the ground 

                                           Singing, swinging, hearts
                                           Touching up the rainbows
                               Finishing the pictures of a perfect rainy day



Sunday, 20 November 2011

My Friend's Poem For Me

This poem is about Saaya
A writers friend of mine
She is poised and educated
Blessed that her life shines!

The oldest of four children
Yet she’s the only girl
Looking back upon her life
What a joyous whril!

Saaya’s dad passed in ‘94
Then mom joined him in 2006
She mourned the tremendous loss
Now keeping both around through pics!

Her hubby works in healthcare,
She earned a masters in pre-med
A graduate of visual arts
Prepared for what’s ahead!

She has been writing for 20 years
Birthed short stories when mother died
Desperately trying to replace
All the tears she’s cried!

Taught at a famous Convent
And volunteered time at schools
Teaching arts to kids
Wow, that’s really cool!

English is the second language
The native is Urdu
She has found peace in her religion
But doesn’t judge like others do!

Creativity fills her soul
Artistic skills are done free lance
She watches and learns from others
Giving everyone a chance!

She feels love’s a stream
That should not be restricted
Seeking out the good
In all those who depicted!

Art and literature
 are a few of her favorite things
When she gets a chance
Saaya loves to sing!

Enthralled by the innocence of the children
Saaya has three of her own
Having one boy and two girls
She’ll still cherish when their grown!

Most challenges attract her
Eager to give each a try
Knowing there are no limits
To how far she can fly!

Preferring to keep things simple
Why make life too hard
In relation to the Tarot
She’s received an epiphany card!

Best wishes for your future
To you and your family
I’m so glad I got to know you
You’ve got a friend in me.

From Timmie (The Priestess)

Saaya is my pen name.
In picture is a portrait of my mother painted by me.

The above poem can be read here;

Monday, 14 November 2011

Nature Heals (Haiku)


                                                      Nature showers love
                                          On the sleeping autumn blooms
                                                     A message of spring


Thursday, 10 November 2011

Sound Of Rain (Haiku)

                                                     Subtle Sound of rain                                                                         
                                                     Speaking through its falling tears

                                                                 Smiling through its pains





Quiet like silence

No speech ,no violence

Walks like grace

Measuring every pace

Sings like a melody

Sweet sad parody


Blooms like a flower

No weakness, but power

Surrounds like peace

Light perfumed breeze

Deep like a slumbers

With dreams full of wonders


Shines through the souls

Directs every goal

Touches like the sunshine

Neither yours nor mine

Dances like a flame

No guilt, No shame


Colorless and pure

Like patience and endure

Real, like faith

No fable, no myth

Mysterious like an ocean

Or a magical potion

A quality a sense

Of dignity and prudence


Identity, reforms

Of being and norms

A knock at the door

Of heart to explore

A waiting of an hour

For a miracle to shower

An ecstasy that rains

No loss, no gain


Protects like an embrace

No body , no face

Guides like a friend

No craze , no trend

Treats like remedy

No pain, no tragedy

Frees like freedom

No insanity, but wisdom


A rhythm a harmony

No promise , no testimony

A sorrow that elates

A joy, that sedate

A word that glows

A mirror that shows

A seed that sows

All human pros


A trust which is blind

Yet opens the mind

A death of a martyr

A life of a character


A crown that honors

Every site every corner

A prayer that blesses

No hassle no messes


A pearl , a gemstone

Exuberant , unknown

A gift from God

No commodity , no fraud


A question that answers

No learner, no preacher

A reason a passion

Original, no fashion


No urge but fulfilling

No taking, only giving


Dedicated to Divinity


The Radiance, and Emission
The Surrender; the Submission

Sporadically over the Middle
Theoretically like the Riddle

High above the Latitudes
Of Blessings and Gratitudes

In the form of Luminous Bands
Painted with Master’s Hands

The Kaleidoscopic Streamer
Philosopher …the Dreamer

The charged solar particles
Like Faith-Written Articles

Being Guided along the Earth
Many Deaths; Many Births

Magnetic Lines Of Force
A Never-Ending Discourse


Dedicated to Divine connectivity

Wednesday, 9 November 2011

He Was Here!

In the most depressing.. shattering moment..

Undulating like  treacherous serpents..

Whizzing through its key holes..

The melodies of death and sad sentiments..

When mind was crushing the burdened soul..

And the life was sinking into..

The  dark  engulfing depth of the black hole..

Through the mesh work of destiny..

Inscrutable scrutiny..

Opened a network of communication..

Ensuring the peaceful destinations..

Subsiding the feelings of fear....

Through the  veils of smiles and tears..

I saw Him..

He was here…

When all effort seemed in vain..

Closer that the life vein..

He was near..

With me..

ready to bear..

My God..

By God!


To Him

Monday, 7 November 2011

By your fireside....

Under the roofless vastness of a cozy home..

Inside the wall-less solitude of silent hours…

Where burns the flames of…

Selfless affinities of eternal comfort…

Woven in the sinews of spiritual looms…

Carrying the wordless affections blooms….

Lies the solitary beats of fearless heart…


Besides the fireless fireside of …

Your timeless friendship..

Nourished by the countless…

 guilt-free reasons….

 Of  unknown kinship…

Sleeping in the lap of armless  chair…

 Of everlasting trust..

Never to be shaken again.....

By the wistful thrusts ..

Of desire-free seasons….



To K.Gibran

Saturday, 5 November 2011


Far and wide..

 in unearthly ether…

where the particles of thoughts collide…

With the phantoms of raw glory….

of supernatural forces….


The scrolls of destiny..

To guide..

The souls dwelling….

To live together….

And walk side by side…

To suffer the pains of life….

And share the joy’s pride…


Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Chasing the shadows...

Chasing the shadows in the starry nights...
Chasing the shadows in the day bright...

Staying inside the twilight zone...

Playing with blackish and graying tones...

Making the castles with moist sands...

Reaching the rainbows with colored bands...

Listening to music by the wind chimes...

Finding to write enchanting rhymes...

Spending the time in day dreams...

Flowers, butterflies, springs and streams...

Searching the truths in the mysteries...

Exploring the pages of the history...

Thinking of realities in the life...

Fighting, defeating ,the long strife....

Kneeling in prayers for impossible...

Hoping for miracles, incredible...

Where is the end, the goal and gain....

Where’s the remedy of life’s pain....

Life just begins from where it ends...

Never be too late to make a mend...