Wednesday, 9 November 2011

He Was Here!

In the most depressing.. shattering moment..

Undulating like  treacherous serpents..

Whizzing through its key holes..

The melodies of death and sad sentiments..

When mind was crushing the burdened soul..

And the life was sinking into..

The  dark  engulfing depth of the black hole..

Through the mesh work of destiny..

Inscrutable scrutiny..

Opened a network of communication..

Ensuring the peaceful destinations..

Subsiding the feelings of fear....

Through the  veils of smiles and tears..

I saw Him..

He was here…

When all effort seemed in vain..

Closer that the life vein..

He was near..

With me..

ready to bear..

My God..

By God!


To Him

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