Sunday, 20 November 2011

My Friend's Poem For Me

This poem is about Saaya
A writers friend of mine
She is poised and educated
Blessed that her life shines!

The oldest of four children
Yet she’s the only girl
Looking back upon her life
What a joyous whril!

Saaya’s dad passed in ‘94
Then mom joined him in 2006
She mourned the tremendous loss
Now keeping both around through pics!

Her hubby works in healthcare,
She earned a masters in pre-med
A graduate of visual arts
Prepared for what’s ahead!

She has been writing for 20 years
Birthed short stories when mother died
Desperately trying to replace
All the tears she’s cried!

Taught at a famous Convent
And volunteered time at schools
Teaching arts to kids
Wow, that’s really cool!

English is the second language
The native is Urdu
She has found peace in her religion
But doesn’t judge like others do!

Creativity fills her soul
Artistic skills are done free lance
She watches and learns from others
Giving everyone a chance!

She feels love’s a stream
That should not be restricted
Seeking out the good
In all those who depicted!

Art and literature
 are a few of her favorite things
When she gets a chance
Saaya loves to sing!

Enthralled by the innocence of the children
Saaya has three of her own
Having one boy and two girls
She’ll still cherish when their grown!

Most challenges attract her
Eager to give each a try
Knowing there are no limits
To how far she can fly!

Preferring to keep things simple
Why make life too hard
In relation to the Tarot
She’s received an epiphany card!

Best wishes for your future
To you and your family
I’m so glad I got to know you
You’ve got a friend in me.

From Timmie (The Priestess)

Saaya is my pen name.
In picture is a portrait of my mother painted by me.

The above poem can be read here;

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