Friday, 6 November 2015

Poetry (Haiku)


Flickering flames of fire
Pains and passion of the pen
in written wet words


Sunday, 1 March 2015

I'm not "Color"!

I’m not ‘Color’!

How long, have I been pondering, over this very clause,
I’m not color; and  I never was!

I’m not the skin that overlays, all my body parts,
I’m the passion , that beats inside ,my lively heart!

I’m not a body ,to be enslaved by someone’s greed,
I’m a soul, reflected in a unique creed!

I’m a thought , a vision, a  zeal  , and a goal,
I’m  a human being,  blessed ,with a very special role!

You call me black, you call me brown,
Demeaning my person , that makes me frown!

Being yellow doesn’t define me , nor does being  white,
A wrong move to anything  , would never make it right!

The Racism is a monster, that  robs people’s judgment,
It cultivates hatred, it fuels the resentment!

Let’s all of us  stand  and strive for it together,
That we’ll forget the past and ‘ll make the future, better!

Let the light of unity and  love ,brightly shine!
Respecting diversity ,which is dynamic and divine!

Let’s ponder upon our existence, our purpose, our cause,
Generating good will  and  rectifying the flaws!

How long have I been pondering over this very clause,
I’m not color; and  I never was!


Song of Tear

Song of Tear

I’m not a tiny drop of water,
That trickles down an aching eye,

I’m not a drop of blood,
That clots with every sigh!

I’ m not a drop of rain,
That becomes a pearl, with time!

I’m not the word, of a poem,
That makes it rhyme!

I’m not the speech of a book,That remains quiet, forever,
I’m not a stroke of the brush,That the canvas remembers!

I’m neither a stitch,
That brings the torn, together,

Nor a link,
That a relation would ever matter!

I’m neither a flash,
That turns a gloom, into glee,
Nor an anguish, a guilt, a woe, or a plea!

Not even the sadness, that could make Euphoric,
Or, the happiness that would make, Dysphoric!

I’m only a gesture of honour, of ego , and pride,
That shows just nothing, but, ‘what’, it hides!

Thursday, 27 December 2012

.........believe! (Haiku)

White, magical,  crystals
Falling from heavens of myths
Urging to believe


Inspired by a book I read recently… “Message from water” by Dr. M. Emoto..which unveils a beautiful world interlinked by the invisible bonds of vibrations within and surrounding all of us…

Friday, 30 November 2012

Waves of Ocean ~~~

Waves of Ocean…talk to the sandy shore…while arriving and leavings..
erasing all the past legends…and engraving new stories upon the grains of sand…

Sometimes…taking tiny pebbles of thoughts ..away…to the darkness of depths ..

Sometimes… bringing up and spreading… precious gems, to the brims of light..

Touching the feet of the sad and lonely…comforting their sufferings and pains…

Picking up, every  fallen tear , with the help of surrounding winds…

Just like the memories-stricken time, which .. comes by and go…these waves
weave the images in poetry…and then sometimes, smiling upon these silent words…
sometimes, weeping…!
Yet …keep talking…to the  shore.. while…arriving…and  …leaving…!!!


Friday, 16 November 2012

Love Sense (Haiku)

Reading, little eyes

His tiny fingers, touching

Sensing , feeling, mind


Interpreting my painting; won an award in annual exhibition 2012 at AIS

Thursday, 15 November 2012

Autumn (Haiku)

Stealing the colors…
Brushing off the images…
Stripping the thoughts, too…


Interpreting my painting...