Sunday, 1 March 2015

Song of Tear

Song of Tear

I’m not a tiny drop of water,
That trickles down an aching eye,

I’m not a drop of blood,
That clots with every sigh!

I’ m not a drop of rain,
That becomes a pearl, with time!

I’m not the word, of a poem,
That makes it rhyme!

I’m not the speech of a book,That remains quiet, forever,
I’m not a stroke of the brush,That the canvas remembers!

I’m neither a stitch,
That brings the torn, together,

Nor a link,
That a relation would ever matter!

I’m neither a flash,
That turns a gloom, into glee,
Nor an anguish, a guilt, a woe, or a plea!

Not even the sadness, that could make Euphoric,
Or, the happiness that would make, Dysphoric!

I’m only a gesture of honour, of ego , and pride,
That shows just nothing, but, ‘what’, it hides!

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