Friday, 30 November 2012

Waves of Ocean ~~~

Waves of Ocean…talk to the sandy shore…while arriving and leavings..
erasing all the past legends…and engraving new stories upon the grains of sand…

Sometimes…taking tiny pebbles of thoughts ..away…to the darkness of depths ..

Sometimes… bringing up and spreading… precious gems, to the brims of light..

Touching the feet of the sad and lonely…comforting their sufferings and pains…

Picking up, every  fallen tear , with the help of surrounding winds…

Just like the memories-stricken time, which .. comes by and go…these waves
weave the images in poetry…and then sometimes, smiling upon these silent words…
sometimes, weeping…!
Yet …keep talking…to the  shore.. while…arriving…and  …leaving…!!!



  1. I am glad to see that you are still writing. Its been long I didn't shared my posts with you as I wasn't active on Booksie. Just some random search and I checked the blogs I follow. Its strange that how life keeps all of us busy in our own worlds.

  2. Hi...It's so nice to hear from you..I had been thinking about the same thing ,lately...There was a time when we all actively participated at Booksie..:)...I remember it...yes everyone gets busy...aur bhi ghum hain zamaanay mein shaiyree ke siwah..well this is part of our world too!!!

  3. Good to hear from you. I now post stories on my website. I have always been inspired from your reviews as it often enlightened me with deep meaning behind what I wrote. I would really appreciate if you could review my stories whenever you are free.