Thursday, 6 October 2011

Light In My Sight

There's a light in my sight!
It's very true, very bright!

A new sun will rise, soon...!
even if ,long is this night!

Just a step to begin with
is .. to reach any height!

All pain goes away with...
just a moment of delight!

All colors are beautiful...
yet the purest is...white!

With freedom,comes laws too
and some rules,loose and tight!

What-so-ever had been eaten
just be careful with last bite!

The emptiness shouts aloud !!!
While the wisdom keeps quiet!

It’s in actions or intentions
Not in vows... or in plights!

Only the lands where landed
Neither sky ...nor.. the flight!

A good word weighs more...
Than a pile of the slights!

Not in losing or in winning
It's in the courage to fight!

Only needed to be challenged
'Might'... isn't.. always... 'right' !

All delusions and ambiguities
are the tunnels of twilight!

'Peace of mind' rules forever
Not the heart's fear or fright!

There's a light in my sight!
It's very true,... very bright!


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