Sunday, 9 October 2011


Around a CUBE , circling around,
Watching the steps on the sacred grounds!
Wrapped in the fantasies,
Of prophetic fallacies!
Mesmerizing echo of divine whispers,
Shadows of fireflies like disappearing shimmers!

The worship of the only ONE!

The search of the unknown!!!

The erected SATAN with the sky-high esteems,

Being stoned heretically, wretched and obscene!
The struggle between the two SPOTS,
with an unsure feelings; and gains, being lost!

The rituals to follow,

With the souls so hollow!

Her feet stumbles and she slumps, where rests the BLACK STONE,

Half left like a widow, half kissed away and gone!

Why this worship?

When "I" is the center!
Why keeping doors?
When no one else has to enter!

A door leading inside the angular perspectives,

Where the beheaded silhouettes stand still and secretive!
The range of strength, the size,
The battle of Truth and lies!
The dark secrets of discontented souls,
Adoring the purposes, worshiping the goals!
The mighty ego loaded with an AXE,
The blind faith ;love, that lacks!

The clusters of Idols existing, still,

Slaughtering the humans and their free will!


Dedicated to ONE against the many Idols of Ego…“I”

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