Wednesday, 5 October 2011


Admiring the beauty, the balance;
Praising the harmony, the grace!
Pondering upon, the tone, the texture;
Understanding the form, the structure!

My thoughts, range between tints and shades,
My feelings, swing from cool to warm cascades,
What is my creativity; just a boon from nature!
What is my status; just to be another creature!

Through the tangent of my vision, I see nothing,
But a variety of bizarre images, foreshortening!
A broken range of colors; a vague contours of abstraction!
A crosshatch of receding lines; vanishing into a third dimension!

But every vanishing points seems to lead a fourth dimension,
Where everything unifies in its absolute perfection!
Where there is a single hue, on the palette of THE ARTIST!
Who deserves far more than a verbal praise!
I see everything prostrating to HIM in gratitude for what it is,
Except me….......HIS so-called MASTERPIECE!


Dedicated to the Creator Almighty ; Allah ! 

 95:4 Surely We created man of the best design

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