Thursday, 6 October 2011

My Child

Time of your innocence was gentle, so pure!
Time of your ignorance, was subtle for sure!

Your little features opened ,my heart so wide,
I found angels of God, standing by my side!

The perfection of your body,bowed my head
To the greatest 'Artist' , I heard, I read!

You followed me quietly where ever did I go.
Like a little cute n cuddly lamb, tipping toe!

The touch of your little fingers in my palm,
Felt to me just like some Messianic balm!

You made me what I never,ever thought of.
A ‘mother’........ , a heavenly figure sort of!

Then time passed by and you grew up,
You held my fingers and ….I stood up..!

To follow a new wisdom of your own self.
Forgetting the weaknesses of my old self!

You are leading me, to a new horizon now,
Through your own style and your 'know-how'!

But watching you grow into a new person,
Is opening new pages of brand new lessons!

I cry ...I envy ha…..and I feel so proud!!!!
Sometimes I wonder, sometimes I doubt!!!

'My child! I love you more, the more I see,
Growing is the 'motherhood', and the 'mother in me'! 


Dedicated to my beloved kids

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