Monday, 10 October 2011

A Call...

I traveled near, and near-by, I traveled away and far
I traveled by so many doors ,closed, opened ajar!

With the vision in my eyes and passions in my heart
Pulling up my fragments ,always falling apart!

Richness of wealth ,I saw, poverty of faith
Submerged ‘way of life’ in the articles of faith!

Burden of the rituals , Delusions of beliefs
I saw some robes of holiness , worn by the thieves!

Earning through the business of selling religion cheap
Floating over superficially on an ocean very deep!

Dividing earth and sky dividing life and space
Dividing flesh and blood, dividing color and race!

Then hoping for the unity and hoping for the peace
Breaking every glass first, then crushing every piece!

Opposing every call of harmony and friendship
Ignoring every news of suffering and hardship!

How passive is society… how massive is the sin
How loser ,every player is, when striving not to win!

How scattered like the objects are all men and women
How crowded is the world though how lonely is the human!


Dedicated to Humanity!

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