Wednesday, 5 October 2011

O Woman Of East!


O Woman of East!

Remember the time when you were in hands of beasts,
Remember when your body was no more than a feast!
Remember when the souls were buried with the dead,
Remember when there was no wisdom in the.. .heads!
Remember the time when the hearts were stone hard,
Remember the time when the chastity, had no guard!
Remember the time when you strangled all your sighs,
 Remember when all the tears dried out in your eyes!


Remember when SOMEONE held fast your trembling hands,
Remember from your grave, you were pulled out on the land!
Remember that you were dressed with the clothes of dignity,
Remember a veil was drawn......... over the gaze of impurity!
Remember the revolution.......that you brought into the world,
Remember how motherhood ,... shaped straight ,the curled!
Remember how you made the human out of the..... animals’
Remember how you created a society out of .........a jungle!

Now !

You prefer the death over the life you were blessed with,
You wear the clothes your were dressed with!
You left all the modest values aside ,..copying the West,
You forgot your very own self ,........ the pure,.. the best!
Go and search for the coffin you left beside your grave !
And wear that shame to be alive, if you really are brave!
Don’t forget the lessons of history ,... O woman of East!
Don’t try to make,out of yourself , a feast for the beasts!


Dedicated To The Traditions of East!

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