Sunday, 9 October 2011

Under Timeless Tree

Sitting in the shade of an evergreen tree.
My soul hovering over, all around so free.

The lightness, the freedom, the purity of thoughts.
No wonder what wonders, of past, it has brought.

Remembering the people, remembering their ways.
Remembering the friendship, remembering the plays.

Remembering  the thrills, remembering the places.
Remembering the smiles, remembering the faces.

Remembering the careless, thoughtless creeds.
Remembering the sharing, responsible deeds.

Remembering the fun, remembering the fights.
Remembering the foolishness, remembering the frights.

Remembering the laughter, remembering the tears.
Remembering the songs, and remembering the fears.

When sitting in the shade of this timeless tree!
With my body so light, and my soul so free!

I can still feel the brightness and warmth of those rays!
And cherish the sunshine of our golden days!


Dedicated to my Brothers!

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