Thursday, 6 October 2011

Vessels Of Clay

Wet and dried; Tested and tried,
Wrapped in ,an unknown dismay!

Empty and full; Noisy and dual,
Packed in, an unworthy display!

Classes to hold; Glitters nor Gold,
Metal nor, either an array!

Smelly or scented; stuffy or vented,
Jammed or slithering away!

Picked and thrown ; Hidden and shown,
Dealt like , objects, play!

Fumbled and rumbled;Jumbled and tumbled,
Felt like , gods, gone astray!

Tinted and shaded ; Glinted and faded,
Unexplainable Colors of gray! *

Formed and fashioned; Painted and polished,
 All vulnerable, Vessels Of Clay!


 Dedicated to: The Human Nature

  55:14"He created man from dry clay like earthen vessels,"

* GRAYING is referred to a Technique in Art
by which the ORIGINAL color is faded with the addition of it's COMPLIMENT to it.

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