Sunday, 9 October 2011

God Is Love

Is God love, as the Scripture says
Isn't then love ,His only way!

Then why this world is full of pain

Why dry air has no sign of rain!

Why then people hate each other?

Kill with their hands,their own brothers!

Why God let this flow of blood?

Why the Green has turned so Red!

Why the greed of man takes heed?

Why they keep,more than they need!

Why the Unjust always win?

God says on Justice ,this Universe spins!

Why the hearts are scared to love?

Shun to hug,and like to shove!

Names and boxes, Tags and frames.

The Divine is lost in worldly games!

Who has spoiled the child of God?

Pampering him by sparing the rod!

He says 'nay' when suppose to nod,

That God is Love then Love is God!


Dedicated to Love

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