Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Eclipsed-was my heart!

all the horizons vanished,
as the sight went blind,
.....and the darkness prevailed!
The hope surrendered,
the despair thundered,
..........and the fright trailed!
The humanity suffered,
the cruelty occurred,
............and generosity failed!
The pleas spellbound,
the gods dumbfound,
.........and the prayers unavailed!
Then, the MASTER took mercy,
and sent that LUMINARY ,
to shine on the sky of ignorant days!
I could never SEE HIM,
as always idols come in between,
and my attention goes astray!
I can't be a BELIEVER,
when my heart is ECLIPSED,
and my very own self betrays!

Dedicated to: The Beloved Prophet Muhammad (pbuh)

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