Sunday, 9 October 2011

By the Graveyard!

I am standing by the graveyard with my heavy heart,
And I wonder,..... which way should I take the start!

My eyes are wandering in all directions to find,

My precious lost treasure, truly, one of it's kind!

Since all lumps of soil are looking just the same,

I can't recognize them, until I read their names!

What a pity my Lord! how could I leave them there!

I need to see them..... forever, to love, and care!

I know nothing would happen, no mater how hard I try,

My tears are just worthless, no matter how loud I cry!

When I lean forward and take some soil in my hands,

And try to feel their touch from that far away land!

Only then I hear a loud whisper into my deafening ears,

Be hold! you're doing nothing but wasting your tears!

You already have them in yourself,as your part, forever,

In your soul,your body,in the teachings and the manners!

Go and find them in yourself and then take care and obey,

Do the good that they taught you if you want them to stay!

They availed their chances to do, to listen, and say,

Now you play your part, remembering them, and... pray!


Dedicate to the my Departed Parents!

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