Sunday, 9 October 2011


Time . . .

Time, ...that strikes like a clicking of a clock,

Time, ....that directs, every bird in the flock!

Time,. that’s revolving, round, like the Earth,

Time, that ‘s happenings, of death and birth!

Time ,that we suffers,…. Time, that...... heals,

Time ,that's counting every morsel of our meal!

Time ,that surrounds us, in every single thing,

Time ,that bounds us,... inside our very being!

Time, that is flowing inside us,.. like a stream,

Time, that is haunting our minds like a dream!

Time, on which ,we can never gain control,

Time is ,  ..the success/failure of our goals!

Time that , blesses,.. Time,... that takes away,

Time that gets stuck,.. Time,........ that sways!

Time that,...... swings, between two extremes,

Time ,that's ecstasy, with which, our soul beams!

Time, that is nothing but the relevancy of span,

Time, that is everything that is given to the Man!

Time, that from which , we can never run away,

Time that, isn’t Future,nor Past,.......but Today!


Dedicated to Time! 

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