Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Song Of Rain

I’m the strings of the music…
…played by the heavenly touch of all seasons!
Which makes the earth rejoice its own birth and its reason!
Molding it earnestly into mud and clay!
Telling the story of the heavens and its being
…living in joy and in dismay!
I make the earth to blossom under my astounding spell!
Giving birth to what’s hidden in her motherly womb.. that swells!
The essence of life is kneaded in the seven colors of the rainbow…
…garlanding the sky!
And the many wonders of the fragrances are…
…wrapped within the heart of every flower’s joy!
It’s my love that changes the brown into green!
And alters the background of every nature’s scene!
I make the memories of smiles and tears…
…with every drop fallen …in the lap of human emotions!
Rendering the beauty of melancholy and soberness…
… in sparingly  mild situations!
I drizzle my love and kindness on the yearning , gruesome hearts!
And showers  regrets… and longings upon those taken apart!
I sparkle in the gloomy darkness of lonely nights!
With dry hopes speculating in the dimmed  light!
I crawl as a fear by the thunders I bestow!
And paint the hope and passion …
…with in every band of my rainbow!
I am rain..
The ecstasy of the heavenly souls..
I’m the pain..
The bearing…
A part of every being
..that makes it a whole!!!


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