Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Song Of Peace

I’m in the rays of the sun.
that bath  the skin…
I’m in the reflection of the moon

at the river’s brim ..

I  lie in the depth of the sea 

as the unstirred silence..
I lie in the calmness of shore..

quiet and balanced..

I am felt in the charm of flowers..

delicate and pure..
I’m smelt in sensitivity of 

the fragrance’s allure …

I am the smile of a child 

spread on his face…
I am in the motherly care..

a warmembrace..

I’m the pleasure of soaring

with the wind,so high..
I’m in the longing of 

feeling and touching the sky…

I’m the comfort of 

a warm and cozy home..
I’m like the vibrating,

reflecting echos in a dome..

I’m in the rhythm of waves

and in the stillness of the hills..
I’m in the passion of singing

and in the dancing thrill..

I’m in the joy of scribbling

on wet sand..
I’m in the trust of friendship

that shakes the hands..

I'm in the patience of tears
held in eyes...
I'm in the respect of
all humanly ties...

I’m in the sympathy

for those who suffer…
I’m in the divine path 

which ever one prefer..

I’m the beauty of 

every line in the poetry ..
I’m the essence of 

every art and the artistry ..

I’m the prophetic visions

hidden in mind..
I’m the serenity

that a heart can find..

I ‘m the peace

each 'n every soul knows..
I will perish in lies
with truth I 'll grow.. 


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