Monday, 19 December 2011

Song Of Happiness

It’s like the divine spring
Springing from inside
Refreshing and vitalizing
All That’s outside

At the softness of lips
It’s felt like a soft kiss
In the heavens of all hearts
Just like a heavenly bliss

It’s like the drops of rain
Dripping down on flowers
Bathing them anew with
The freshness of each shower

It’s the secret of joy
Enclosed in every tear
Like the endurance of
Soul’s garment we ethically wear

It’s a message of the mutual
Peace and harmony
Lyrically entreated
A mystical symphony

A hope that gleam with
 the innocence of a child
The trust that beams with
The passions so mild

It’s the beauty of our being
The joy of existence
The call of continuity
Assurance of Persistence

It’s the song of heaven
It’s the enchantment of each souls
It’s the plea of every prayer
It’s the glory of each goal


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