Monday, 19 December 2011

Moon In Window

The moon stayed in her window ,one night, for a while
Together they talked ’n walked, for a couples of miles

In the time span of life,…… which was never ending
Moment froze quickly .as if they were never spending

They  pretended to be, like. the old…… childhood friends
And in that gleam of their friendship. they started to blend

She borrowed Moon’s light .to lit up, her gloomy eyes
Like the visions of glittering stars, tightening their ties

To see a beautiful world ……full of peace and the glee
And to live some moments,… so enchanted and so free

It was drizzling lightly……… but  it was really cold
Expect  for the warmth inside their friendship’s fold

Their feelings were heavenly …their touch was sublime
Those crystals of moments were gently wrapped in time

 She carefully removed the stains from Moon’s shiny face
Kissed its cheek softly ……..and gave it a warm embrace

She held her tears in her eyes………… and did it all in fain
Though she  already knew that she would never see it again

The Moon thanked her truly for the moment they shared
She  thanked it so gratefully…… the way it really cared

That night moon stayed in her window, just for a while
It shared some tears with her……. and a lots of smiles

They both stayed up……. and awake all that night
Within a closed window frame, in the dim moonlight


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